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Legwork is an independent studio based in Denver, CO. We create animation and interactive experiences with brands and agencies all over the world.


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Our primary goal is to create compelling work. As a result, we’ve won a whole pile of awards. We always strive to tell your story through a balance of innovation and what’s right for the project.


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Interactive Creative Director
2d Animator
3d Animator/Designer

These bagels know how to party

The new Twist n’ Dip bagel is one of Einstein Bros’ most unique offerings in 21 years. So to tell the story of the "most fun bagel ever", we collaborated with Fear Not Agency to to develop three spots that follow two characters as they skydive, high-dive, and human cannonball their way into tubs of Schmear.

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  • Art Direction
  • Character Development
  • CG
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  • Sound Design

Skydiving Bagels

We chose to start with the skydiving script because it had the most dynamic action sequences and opportunities to define the characters. The character attributes developed for this piece really set the tone for the entire series.

Design and Development

Character sheets, textural explorations, and props.

  • 01 / 08

From 2D to 3D

Character Models based on the style frames.

Additional Pieces

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  |   2017/10/22

      安全帮主办这次实地免费培训的目的主要是针对面 临毕业的学生、待业人员、网络安全爱好者、零基础 进行技术培训。从而更贴切的达到企业用人的需求。你没有看错是免费的。安全帮会不定期的举办免费培训,本次活动得到广大学员的支持,取得了圆满成功。以下是本次培训的实况报道。


1. 入侵流程讲解
2. 上传绕过原理总结
3. 前端安全基础(同源策略+跨域)
4. 快速获取肉鸡

[Bang Hacker Live 分店现场]:

这是“安全帮”旗下 Bang Hacker Live 的第二家分店,主要用作线下培训和沙龙的举办。又想举办线下活动的个人和团队可以联系网站负责人"菲哥哥"微信“feigegehacker”